For those of you out there who’s interested in studying a Bachelor or Master degree in fashion, Paper Plane is here to present the Top 5 Fashion universities and faculties in London for you all as a choice to explore the best university that will match you.


Central Saint Martin

The world’s most famous fashion designers such as Stella Mccartney, John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen studied at Central Saint Martin. This university has a ever-changing network of culture and background. Past and present students have always positioned and directed the university in a positive way. 

The benefits of Central Saint Martin is they offer a wide range of courses to pick from such as Master in Fashion, where you have the opportunity to choose a specific field of interest such as :

  • Womenswear Fashion
  • Menswear Fashion
  • Knitwear Fashion
  • Textiles for Fashion

And also

Master in Fashion Communication where you get to learn the inside and out of the fashion industry having the opportunity to do work experience with the world’s most famous brand and even get to take part in London Fashion Week!

Conde Nast College

Based in London, the Conde Nast College of fashion and Design operates from the heart of one of the world’s most exciting fashion capitals. This college is an important starting point for those who want to be tomorrow’s stars of the fashion industry. Vogue, House Of Garden and G2 originated from this college making it extremely well known.

At Conde Nast College, the classrooms are unique and modern. Here they provide a variety of interesting subjects to choose from and have changed the way assignments work into a much more creative manner. Such as creating blogs and magazines. Studying at this college gives you the opportunity to do work experience in fields such as Fashion, Styling, PR and Marketing.

The Master degree programmes available in Conde Nast College are:

MA Fashion Media Practice

MA Luxury Brand Management (in collaboration with Richmond University)

There is also a short courses available for those who would like to get a taste of fashion or for those who would like to find out which road of fashion they would like to go down. The course is a 4 week Vogue Intensive Summer Course which covers:

  • Fashion Styling Course
  • Fashion Journalism Course
  • Fashion Business Course
  • Business of Beauty course and the Vogue Teen Weekend

If you’re interested in studying this course, please feel free to contact Paper plane for any enquiries.

Kingston University

Kingston University is London’s second top University for studying Undergraduate Bachelor and Master Degree in Fashion. Here you study all about Fashion in full detail. The curriculum is based on designing using today’s technology with new clean classrooms and big working spaces.

The recommended course is Master Degree in Fashion

(MA) This course offers 1 years Full Time or 2 years Full Time with replacement.

Isituto Marangoni

Instituto Marangoni has 80 years of history and success with training the top professionals of Fashion and Design. This university has several campuses spread across Europe. One campus is located in London by Liverpool Street Station.

They offer a Master in Contemporary Fashion Buying, 5 other courses and short courses too. Studying at Instituto Marangoni involves learning about Business in the Fashion industry which can boost your knowledge into other different fields of fashion. Here you also get the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week.

London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion is also part of UAL which is a university who only specialises in Fashion. Out of the 24 courses specialising in Fashion UAL still remain top. Below are the most recommended courses which are different and unique to others:

  • Master Degree in Fashion Footwear
  • Master Degree in Pattern and Garment Technology
  • Master Degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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