Terms & Conditions


Pink Pelican is the trading name for the P&P Education LLP. The ‘Pink Pelican guardian is act as a person to assist with the child’s wellbeing while in the UK within the period booked and paid for by the parent(s) or legal guardian.

Pink Pelican Guardians’ Responsibilities

P&P Education LLP will offer assistance and support as per the guardianship package paid for by the parents. This can include assistance in finding host families during school holidays, assisting in airport transfers, meet and greets, liaising with the school and offering academic support and advice.

The parents agree that Pink Pelican has responsibility to act on their behalf in their absence “in loco parentis”, with their express authority that P&P Education can act in any situation, including in the event of emergencies. The parents give permission for the P&P Education to sign on their behalf if permission is required for school trips, school activities and medical treatment such as anaesthetic and/or surgical treatment. Whilst every effort will always be made to contact parents in the event of an emergency, this may not always be possible.

We will maintain good contact with the Student’s School, and will collate and forward all of the Student’s school reports and ensure attendance by Pink Pelican at all parents’ evenings and school events where reasonably possible and necessary.

We will keep in regular contact with the Student, and be contactable at all times in case of an emergency. We will keep in touch with you and keep you up to date on a regular basis as to the Student’s progress at school and with the Host Family. We will notify you as soon as possible in the event of a serious problem.

Releasing care: We will not accommodate or release care of the student within the periods set out in the guardianship confirmation without first informing the parent(s) in writing.

Host Family

  1. We agree to select and appoint a Host Family to provide accommodation and meals for the Student, for the periods set out in the Guardianship Packages and Host Families.
  2. Cancellation of a host family: If a host family has been as a confirmed booking and is cancelled by the student later than 7 days prior to the visit 75% fees will be charged to the student deposit account, if the host family booking is cancelled later than 24 hours prior to the visit after a confirmed booking 100% of the fees will be charged to the student deposit account.
  3. Safeguarding: We undertake to carry out appropriate checks as to the suitability of the Host Family, including Criminal Record Bureau checks, on all persons over the age of 16 living in the Host Family home. We will carry out an interview and an assessment of the Host Family, in the family home
  4. Accommodation and meals: We agree to ensure, with appropriate interviews, inspections and checks that the Host Family provides a good standard of accommodation and meals for the Student for the periods of the Student’s stay as set out in the Guardianship Packages.
  5. Travel: We will arrange for the Student’s collection from the airport and to the Host Family home when he first arrives, as well as the travel arrangements to ensure the Student’s return to the airport at the end of their stay. (We will also arrange transport to and from host families during School breaks.) Travel will be charged and paid for from the Student Expenses Account.
  6. We will introduce the Host Family to you on the basis that all your dealings with them will be through us. If you enter into a direct agreement or contract with the Host Family at any time, you will pay us all the sums we would have been entitled to receive had the direct contact not been made. You must inform us of any direct dealings with the Host Family.


We will act as Education Guardian from the time that the Student arrives in the UK, until the time that the Student leaves the UK. These dates will be set out in the Guardianship Packages.

Expense fund

The parents allow the company responsibility for the management of the expense fund. Costs such as, school activities, uniforms, textbooks, transport for the guardian to attend the school (such as parents’ evening, sports days etc.) will be taken from this account. Records of deductions will be notified by the company and made available to the parent(s) in their individual folder and it is parent(s)’s responsibility in checking the account update.

Cancellation and Refund

Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times during the student’s stay at their school, with us or with their host family. In the event of a student persistently misbehaving or a singular act of serious misconduct including, but not limited to: criminal behaviour, drugs, alcohol or acts of violence, Pink Pelican may provide the warning by notice in writing to the parents. In such serious cases the parents shall not be entitled to any refund of fees.

If the parents wish to cancel the our services they must inform the company in writing and give one full school term as notice. If one school term’s notice is not given, we will refund the parents the full amount paid, minus the period from the start of the agreement up to the cancellation date plus one full term and any booking fees. The expense account will be refunded in full minus any costs already incurred. Refunds will be made within 28 days of the final day the company’s services were given.

Transport & Visits
All transport, organised by Pink Pelican is with licensed drivers and is charged at cost when you need a private transport to airport or host family.
Unsociable hours are between 23:00 – 07:00

Any change of accommodation or transport requests must be notified to us immediately,
Charges are made for cancellations as below.
Up to 7 days before arrival, no charge.
Less than 24 hours before arrival, 50% of the total charge.

Our company is committed t Government Value Added Tax which is included in all quoted prices. Guardianship services will not commence until full payment is received. By paying the invoice for our services from Pink Pelican you are agreeing to Pink Pelican providing education services for the student whilst they are attending a school in the UK for the period specified on the confirmation document.

Fee rates: The fee rates are set out in the fees list. We also accept foreign exchange rate which need to be reviewed at all time of any changes.


P&P Education LLP only acts as a guardian between its students, travel organisations, local host families or organisers and any accommodation. We will need all students under our guardianship take reasonable insurance plan directly with our provider. Under no circumstances can they be held responsible for any injury, damage loss, misadventure, delay or accident which may happen. This includes during the student’s stay in their accommodation with the nominated guardian, as a result of activities they take part in during their stay, or whilst travelling to and from the student’s home, accommodation or school or any loss of property.

Students should also take out their own insurance policies on their personal property, i.e. laptops, jewellery and other expensive items, as these may not be covered under the host family’s insurance policies.

English Law
This Agreement and any agreement with the Company or the Host Family and any other matters relating to the services shall be subject to English Law and the Parents undertake to submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts in respect of any matters arising out of any of
them. The parents acknowledge that English Law may be different from the law of their own country, e.g. in respect of race relations or sex discrimination.

Promotional Material
Sometimes we take photographs for us to use for identification purposes, for sending back to you in our reports and from time to time would like to use these in promotional material such as brochure or social media , the student handbook or our website. We would ask for your permission first in writing.

Complaints and problems
You must notify us at once if you or the Student has a problem or concern with, or wishes to makes a complaint against, any member of the Pink Pelican procedures, any member of our staffs or Host Family. In the first instance, please contact Ronja Kasiliauskis Guardianship Director at Pink Pelican UK