School Break


We create your child school break at The Paper Plane for the whole year in the UK and Europe with over 100 exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Due to the variations of your child’s school holiday, please check with your school for the most accurate information before booking

To get started on your child next school holiday adventure, Check out our programs of Half Term and Exeat Weekends to search for the best days out.Here’s to some wonderful school holidays this year!

We have worked with many of the finest boarding schools and private sector education services, to design a multitude of fun and cultural programmes; for students over half-term breaks and exeat weekends, or when boarding schools are closed for holiday vacations and the student is not travelling home.

At The Paper Plane Company, we are here to facilitate the finest child/student care. Always. These programmes give students the chance to see more of the UK (also Europe) and take part in activities that they would not normally have the chance to enjoy. They are also a great way to meet other students of a similar age, from different boarding schools. Please enquire about our packages, to plan your child’s fun and rewarding activities, from the link above.

London Mansions

Our beautiful Mansion homes, in a prime central London location, are incredibly welcoming and exceptionally well designed to comfortably accommodate all of our international student guests, throughout their academic and holiday periods. We have extensive experience of taking care of many international students; in our fully equipped home; located in Zone 1/2 of London.

We genuinely enjoy caring for them; providing fun and educational activities, during their stays. Our Mansion home is always full of students, during the holiday breaks. It provides the best chance for them to stay in a most content and enjoyable environment. It allows them to happily socialise and develop…feeling (as best as possible) like they are at home; even though they are in London.

We provide only ‘full board’ facilities to our Mansion House client students. They are all provided their own private space. We are very certain that our lovely Mansion House will provide the safest, beneficial and most comfortable environment; for any child.

Host Family

Paper Plane works very hard to find the perfect match, for both student and host. We work with families of all ages; who are appropriately interested in hosting foreign students and can offer premium care and experience to international students. We require only caring families whom like the idea (and are capable) of supporting an overseas student; during their time here, at school. Families will provide excellent accommodation, meals and relevant activities; to allow your child to enrich their understanding of healthy and happy life skills; local culture and British customs. You must offer a distinction of contentment, most of all. (Log fires and happy sleeping dogs are, usually, most appreciated.)

Fill out our contact form for a London Mansion residence, or Host Family and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible with all the information you need.