Hult International Business School is another one of the top guaranteed universities in the world for Bachelor and Master Degree programmes which gives students the opportunity to experience learning from the world’s leading cities.

Students of Hult International Business School get the opportunity to study and touch base in 6 different Business leading countries enabling them to gain experience and knowledge in a foreign business field.

At Paper Plane we help plan and prepare students for every step of the way in the business world. We seek for the right routes for our students and lead them on a pathway suiting their strengths and requirements. At Hults Master in International Business Programme, this course is open to allow students to choose specific interests under the use of the course.

Hult International Business School has two campuses based in the heart of London. The Undergraduate Campus is based in the East End surrounded by many huge upcoming businesses, and the postgraduate campus which is located in the centre of Holborn.

Students of Hult International Business School will gain the whole experience of being a real londoner. For students studying Finance, Business or any subject, London City can widen your mind set when it comes to Financial factors, Business factors and Culture.

Another speciality at HULT is their MBA programme which has been awarded for the most successful students. In this programme students are introduced to business perspectives with world-class learning experiences from courses ranked top 15 in MBA programmes stated in Forbes magazines and elsewhere.

Hult aim to modernise their MBA programmes and open a wide world for students making them stand out towards everyone. MBA is designed in a business form specifically for the digital world today.Most importantly HULT even offer Dual Degrees in a duration of 18 months with the chance to choose between Finance, Marketing or Accounting in different destinations across the globe too.

A Master degree in international Marketing is another recommended course where learning is full on marketing in a global perspective involving experience with leading customers. Providing a world-class teaching and learning experience at HULT International Business School, students will learn intensive business courses with the opportunity to truly practice what they enjoy.


At Hult International Business School, students will be introduced to a whole new world of business, with 6 locations to choose from. London, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Dubai and Shanghai. Giving the variety of destinations to choose from it opens up new experiences and opportunities for the students to see business from different perspectives.

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