Wouldn’t it be cool to study at one of the oldest business schools in the world today?

Even better, with six campuses spread across London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. Giving students the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of different cities! With a mission to develop the next generation of business leaders.








ESCP Europe welcomes students from 90 different countries every year with over 200 nationalities, offering programmes such as (Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD and Executive Education). Holding strong relationships with national and multinational companies. This advantage allows ESCP Europe to provide career opportunities at international companies.








A range of Paper Plane students have successfully joined MSc in Marketing & Creativity at the London campus in the heart of a vibrant city. A programme that’s all about creativity with a combination of marketing knowledge with advanced management and analytical skills. The curriculum has a mind set of FUN only. They go beyond textbooks to incorporate consultancy projects, creative seminars, case studies, direct experience in emerging markets, class discussions and guest speakers allowing students to experience their new learning to real life companies and assignments.  








In this course, students get a minimum of 4-month practical professional experience and get to meet a range of potential employers, including companies such as L’Oreal, Apple and Amazon. Students spend a majority of their time in London, with one term hosted at the beautiful city of Paris campus.








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