Summer Courses are a fantastic way to improve your English language skills, in a fun and engaging atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to meet lots of new people, from all over the world: trying many activities you wouldn’t have experienced before.The Pink Pelican offers a various and wide range of choices, for all of you. We provide customised holiday time camps; focussed on Science; Adventure; Art; and other specifically selected courses, for a range of student skill levels, all over the United Kingdom.

We help you find the perfect combination of fun, engagement, safety and education; on each of Our responsibly selected Summer Courses. Also,The Pink Pelican Company offer the finest quality English Language courses, with a minimum of 15 hours per week. Excellent facilities and accomodation are included, herein.Wherever you plan to enjoy your Summer course in the UK, we are here to help you with selecting premium places. The Pink Pelican also provide Visa assistance. We ensure achievement of fantastic experiences, for your child to enjoy Great Britain and grow; to then further enjoy this wonderful World.