Our priority is to ensure your consummate well being and provide full academic and social support throughout their years, in The Paper Plane Company’s care.

What is our Academic Support service?

Children and young students who choose to study, within a boarding school, University or any short courses in the UK, are all supported by our specialise experts. We look after student/child welfare such as attend meetings with schools; caring for students and their communication; also for their well being and welfare. At the Paper Plane, we help to provide extra tutoring session from GCSE students to Master degree level with our best connection all over the UK. No need to worry about any exam or assignments, with our extra support you will be ensure that you would get the best result from you highest potential. 

Why Paper Plane is your best choice.

We design your bespoke Academic Plan specifically based on every student’s individual needs. Naturally: We achieve this with your assistance; as you see fit. We are passionate about their care and dedicated to their education. Our priority is to ensure that every student will get accept to their dream university with the support of IELTS Exam and SOP writing.

Our endeavour is to assist our students to happily adjust (as quickly as possible) to their life in the UK. Our professional team will support you from the very first day of staying in the UK throughout your entire residence.

Additional expenses ( For Boarders )

Our team will manage an individual expense account, on behalf of your child. Your fund will be held in our secure account and only used when necessary or for emergencies. This will be relevant to satisfy necessities; or when emergency care need might unfortunately arise. (Rugby, for example, is beyond our control). Also, this will cover Host Family accommodation costs, transport transfers and other personal expenses your child may require provision for; whilst in the UK.

Efficient and appropriate management (and function) of this account will accommodate satisfactory furnishing of all your child’s financial requirements, whilst in our care. An account statement will be sent to you at the end of each term. (Extraordinary activities will, of course, be referred to yourselves.)

For further information and for current fees and charges, please contact us.